Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From "Purple Moon" To A White Mountain...

Club of the week: "Purple Moon" High end in its decor, menu and prices - while it is pricey, it does offer you a quality time. people over there do tend to be older than 21 on average, and the mood does feel a little bit more targeted for the older crowd. The Cuisine is an international one, and "Purple Moon" makes sure to stand out as an upscale bar for uptown people. So make sure you're pocketful of green before you hit town. Address: Moudawar Bldg, Pasteur St. - Beirut (Gemmayzeh area). Telephone 01-444009/10. Fee for 2 people with some food and a drink is 150,000. Valet Parking available, you might need to call and reserve before you go.

Restaurant of the week: "Abd-el wahab", as much as it is not too expensive, the food is exquisitely good. I went there when the plat-du-jour was Mouloukieh, it was scrumptious. Hygiene level is tip top and you are welcomed at the door with a smile. The place has a quiet feel to it, where you can actually hear the people you are with, the service is prompt and accurate, and the atmosphere is very home-like but with people around. Try to reserve before you go, because lunch times and dinner times do tend to be busy, (Valet parking available). Abd-el-Wahab is situated right towards the end of a strip of other restaurants in 51, Abdel Wahab El inglizi Street, Beirut, lebanon. Tel: +961 1 200550/1

Outing of the week: After all this snow, of course those of you who ski will be monitoring the weather, apparently so far, the weather this weekend is going to be cloudy, but if the clouds do change their minds till Saturday, I do suggest the slopes. For those who do not ski, or for families, it is always nice to just pick yourself up, and play a round of throwing snow balls, or let your children make snow angels and snowmen...FUN!!!!

Book of the week
: Ummm - I am currently reading "The Vicomte de Bragelonne" by Alexandre Dumas. he is a French writer, wrote so many books Musketeer related, well this is another one of those. "The Vicomte de Bragelonne" is preceding "The Man In The Iron Mask" so better read this one first. It is very descriptive, romantic, has many hints to history, whether in France or Britain, loyal to the period and to the image of chivalry. To those who heard of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan, and want to hear of them again, well...they are in the book.

Event of the week
: To all Fashion Lovers and Party Goers: Head down to "Whisky Mist" Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut. this Thursday for Fashion House with F Vodka Luxury collection as DJ Said Mrad plays Oriental beats! This is your chance to be featured on FTV International and on Radio One. To RSVP call this number: 03-791794

Other Suggestions: This online magazine provides help to brides and grooms by connecting them to vendors, giving them tips about their big day, and providing them with the latest trends. It it THE E-Magazine for weddings, check it out, I love it and I have already had the wedding of my it is:

RULES PUB: A new pub in Gemayzeh, Beirut. I was there about three weeks ago, it was packed, and they often had events, such as the one I was attending: Barcelona v.s Real on a huge projection screen. My team, Barcelona lost that night, but the atmosphere made up for it, it is a night to remember. Oh, the bar tender there knows how to make a good cocktail, he is not just throwing alcohol around to give you a hint of what you ordered, so Kudos for the bar tender. This Friday, March 2nd, Rules is presenting DJ Tony-C, I am sure you have all heard of him, from MTV, that great dude who makes magic on the Box!!. To reserve: 76-123404. Valet parking available, and BB Pin is: 2624608C.

For the first  time ever festival of Irish film in Lebanon, Lebanese NGO Nahwa Al Muwatiniya, in association with Metropolis, will screen a series of nine feature length films and twelve short films at the Metropolis Empire Sofil Theatre from February 29 to March 4. Ashrafieh, Lebanon. For more information, please call: + 9611204080